"Business enterprise has two–and only two–basic functions: marketing and innovation. ."
~ Peter Drucker


Our idea of business are expressed by the values we follows:
Breaking the box

Our leading value which motivated us to start our business is to break with schematic thinking and bring new ideas and solutions to everything we do. We decided that innovation will not stand as a keyword in BreakBox Lab – we will work only with innovations. That is where the name come from: when thinking out of the box is not enough you need to break the box!

practical solutions

We hope to build something that will change the business and world for better. Therefore we are not interested in theoretical disputes – projects we take on are focused on improving things. Either we work on human resources or biotechnology, or something else for that matter we resolve real issues consulting them with people that are effected by the problem.

helping pays off

In business we believe there is no better way to achieve success that to play well with everyone in your environment. We always are eager to share our knowledge and experience with others and in many ways benefit from it. That is how we land some of our projects – by replying to help message. We build a network of business advisors and mentors that are ready to support you as well!

effects that metters

For you all that matters are effects – we know that and we are ready to deliver the solutions you needs. Business are socially responsible to bring jobs to community but to do that it has to be profitable. We understand that since we funded multiple companies as well as worked in business-supporting organizations ourselves. Working with us you can be sure that what you need is what you get!

About us

We are leading a research & development company that changes the rules.
We are like laugh, love and viruses – we multiply by sharing!

BreakBox Lab is a creative group dedicated to deliver high quality research and development solutions for companies. Thanks to the versatile team with comprehensive set of skills and network of experts and business mentors we are able to provide our expertise and services for wide range of markets including hi-tech, software, pharmaceuticals, psychology, market research and business consulting.

We are open for every idea and cooperation. Our values emphasize on partnership and mutual support to reach our goals. We believe that by working together even competitors can achieve more then by competing. That is why we are involved in multiple projects with our partners. We offer our support in form of knowledge of project management, partnership building, commercialization and marketing as well as our R&D department.

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Our team

Core team of Co-Founders and specialists in BreakBox Lab:
Wojciech Giżowski
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Networker and specialist for people relations management. Graduated from SWPS with business psychology major I am constantly trying to help others by connecting them with people and mentors that will develop their skills. With experience in customer service, sales and marketing.
Jakub Felczak
Co-Founder & Chief R&D Officer
Practical scientist and hi-tech enthusiast. Developed innovative method of emotional training based on laugh. I am always looking for mixing new tech with traditional psychology tools. Graduted from SWPS.
Jakub Wysocki
Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer
Entrepreneur and marketing specialist experienced in working with startups at Tricity. I co-found event agency Reality Designers and worked as a marketing specialist in Black Pearls VC and Interizon ICT Cluster. Graduated from University of Gdańsk with international management economy major.
Mateusz Fischer
Chief Financial Officer
Maja Kryżan
HR Specialist
Psychology major, a member of NGO Students Forum of Business Centre Club and ANIMA and Brevi Manu science clubs at University of Gdańsk. She helps developing kids as a tutor at Future Academy. Professional handball player for 12 years.
Beata Michalak
Sales Consultant
Experienced salesman and manager, consistent and reliable, she is engaging sale based on market analysis. Open to share her knowledge on tapping into company potential with fellow entrepreneurs. She specializes in product-client fit solutions. Motorcycle enthusiast.
Olga Grudniak
Vice-chief of Science/TPDT & Project Manager/Aurora
Vice-chief of science in TPDT Project and Project Manager in Aurora Project. Biotechnology specialist and laureate of Adamed SmartUP Programme for prominent young scientists.
Olgierd Kasprowicz
Project Manager/TPDT
Project Manager in TPDT Project. Administrator and rational perfectionist associated with Trening Kariery and TriMAT 2015 conference. His attention to details and optimization-focused nature helps him achieving success. After hours he creates experimental electronic music.
Natalia Dziedzic
R&D Assistant/TPDT
Science assistant in TPDT Project. Volunteer in a child care home, dedicated to helping others. Engaged in healthy and active lifestyle.
Zofia Piszka
R&D Assistant/Aurora
Science assistant in Aurora Project. Specialise in biotechnology and biochemistry and plan to further extend her studies as well as future career in those fields. In her free time she reads fantasy literature, climb and travels – she especially fancy mountains.
Magdalena Marchewka
Chief of Science/Epifanea
Chief of Science in Epifanea Project on her fifth year of clinical psychology studies at SWPS University. She is interested in practical appliences of psychology research in marketing. Privetly she enjoys cooking.
Monika Staniecka
Chief of Operations/Epifanea
Chief of Operations in Epifanea Project. Business image consultant, advisor for Dress Code, colour psychology and business savoir-vivre. Her motto is: People will not remember you for your words but for what you make them fell about themselves.
Patryk Wójcik
Project Owner/Szkoli.pl
Owner of Szkoli.pl. I believe in development based on honesty and integrity. I value freedom so I am my own boss. I help clients build strategies and create identity. I am driven by sports champions strategies.
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